• Class Reunions 
  • 2nd Time Around Weddings
  • Wedding Vow Renewals
  • Divorce Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Celebrations of Life (Memorials)

Boomer DJs understand the transitional nature of entertainment as it continues to evolve with every successive generation; each group identifying with the music of their age, just as we did, and our parents before us, and their parents before them. However, with the Baby Boomer, the music of our youth became much more than background or simple aural fodder — it grooved a majority of the “boomer nation.” For decades, Top 40 A.M. radio was the drum and we all felt the beat: we listened to the same rock and roll, pop and soul artists — we shared a powerful musical culture that unified us and we’ll never forget those great songs that still resonate in our hearts.

Boomer DJs know what you know!

Now you can relive those special moments again at a party of your planning: from birthday and anniversary special events, class reunions, remarriages (those second or third times around) to divorce parties (we won’t even begin to speculate), retirement gatherings (if you’re lucky), to celebrations of life. We’ll bring the music that you’ll know the words to. You may not remember what you had for lunch, but we’re sure you know all the lyrics to Doo-Wah-Diddy or I Want to Hold Your Hand.

Class Reunion Ideas? We have ’em, we’ve attended a lot of our own and know what works and what doesn’t.

Birthdays and Anniversaries of all sorts: Our professional emcees will help you prepare and smoothly coordinate your special event time lines from the testimonials to the cake cutting.

Theme Parties: Rockin’ 50’s, 60’s British Invasion (Austin Powers, anyone?), Woodstock (Flower Power everyone), to Disco Balls. Every decade had its own identification and we were all a part of the great fun.

Wedding Vow Renewals: What a romantic way to say I Love You on Valentine’s Day, followed by a wedding reception.

Divorce Parties: Who needs to carry the baggage? There’s no need to suffer separation anxiety. Now you can circle your friends around you in therapeutic celebration of your new life. Rally your spirit as you step up to the starting line of that waylaid singular race to accomplishment and personal joy.

Celebrations of Life (or, Graduations of another sort): It was with the strength of flower power that we changed the societal tenor of the 60’s, consciously rebelling against the conventionally rigid traditions of our parents. (But then again, don’t all kids?) Being groovy was right on, and letting it all hang out was, well, far out!

Even today many of us continue to move through our lives with a subconscious residual counter-cultural abandon, or at the very least we would like to think that we have remained true to ourselves — holding on to that free-spirit of youth, even to the end of our ‘whole earth’ journey as we board the ‘Magic Bus’ embarking on that ‘ultimate trip’.

How you’d want your friends to remember you is where we come in. Our Celebrations of Life Emcee/DeeJays bring the appropriate atmospheric mix of sweet dignity and lightness to your celebration, allowing your friends and family the permission to express their joy and good fortune for knowing you through the telling of tales, combined with food, beverage and your favorite music.