BOOMER DJs – Deejay / Emcee Services
for the Baby Boomer Generation!

“…it’s our music too…we know what you know!”

Boomer DJs Presents The Music of Your Life!


Attention Baby Boomers…Boomer DJs is here for you!

Catering to your uniquely special, dynamic generation, Boomer DJs understand the significance of your music, Baby Boomer music – your personal soundtrack. You heard the music when it began at the time of your earliest memory and it remained as a traveling companion with you through the most important years of your life: It colored your childhood, lent intense flavor to your teen years and defined your entertainment as a young adult – its importance is something we cherish as dearly as you do, because it’s our music too…we know what you know!

Boomer DJs is a uniquely conceived company for Baby Boomers consisting of respected veteran San Diego-based MC/DJs who have collectively logged tens of thousands of performance hours — serving up dishes from the widest existing variety of musical menus available.

Boomer DJs are ready to support any of your party ambitions. Our personable, interactive deejays are set to entertain you and your peers with full knowledge of the music of your life, creating an exciting jog down memory lane!

And, of course, there’s that perfectly programmed music!!

“Earn memory bank dividends.”